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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What programming is offered?
    What programming is offered?

    Ladder Leagues allow teams to compete against one another and jockey for position on a grand leaderboard. The grand ladder will cover all skill levels from beginner to pro.  The more wins you collect against other teams, the higher you climb up the board. If you lose games you will drop. The amount of distance a team can move up or down per match is dependent on their opponents current positioning on the ladder that the team wins or loses against. There is also a limit to how many positions either up or down the ladder you can challenge another team. Teams must accept 1 challenge per week or 4 challenges per 30 days or risk dropping in the ladders positioning.

    There will be 4 seasons the Spring League February 1st – April 30th then Summer League May 1st – July 31st then Fall League August 1 – October 31st  finally followed by Winter League November 1st – January 31st. Spring League 2022 will be short due to the late March start and be a warm-up as we kick off the long season starting with the Summer League on May 1st. Completed seasonal adder leaderboard results will be transferred from one season to the next with the following spring season acting as the finally for the year with 1 team standing at the top and being declared the Ladder League Club Champions for that year.

    Doubles teams are able to disband their team, exit the ladder and the players of the disbanded team are able to form a new team and re-enter. The re-creation of a team can only be done once every 14 days during the Summer, Fall, and Winter Leagues and once every 30 days during the final Spring League. The new teams positioning will be based off of the weakest of the two teammate’s prior ladder position minus 3 position spots.”